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Photos of Icelandic graves


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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S8 Lögberg
2 S21 Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency - Marriages
3 S256 
4 S16 A Tribute to Soldiers and Pioneers of the Langruth District
5 S182 Akranes
6 S11 Almanak Ólafs S. Thorgeirssonar
7 S37 Alþingi.is
8 S234 Alþingismannatal, 1845-1905
9 S227 Alþýðublaðið
10 S84 Ancestry.com
11 S247 Árbók Háskóla Íslands
12 S60 Árbók Hins íslenzka fornleifafélags
13 S17 Árdís
14 S304 Arnarbælisprestakall; Prestsþjónustubók Arnarbælissóknar, Hjallasóknar, Strandarsóknar, Kotstrandarsóknar og Reykjasóknar í Ölfusi 1880-1914
15 S238 Austfirðingur
16 S122 Austri
17 S149 Baldur
18 S282 Borgarþing; Prestsþjónustubók Borgarsóknar á Mýrum, Álftanessóknar og Álftártungusóknar 1887-1925
19 S286 Borgarþing; Prestsþjónustubók Borgarsóknar á Mýrum, Álftanessóknar, Álftártungusóknar og Borgarnessóknar 1920-1952
20 S283 Borgfirzkar æviskrár I
21 S193 Borgfirzkar æviskrár II
22 S188 Borgfirzkar æviskrár III
23 S291 Borgfirzkar æviskrár IV
24 S186 Borgfirzkar æviskrár IX
25 S293 Borgfirzkar æviskrár V
26 S294 Borgfirzkar æviskrár VI
27 S184 Borgfirzkar æviskrár VII
28 S189 Borgfirzkar æviskrár VIII
29 S300 Borgfirzkar æviskrár X
30 S187 Borgfirzkar æviskrár XI
31 S299 Borgfirzkar æviskrár XII
32 S196 Borgfirzkar æviskrár XIII
33 S118 Bragi, óðfræðivefur
34 S257 Breiðabólsstaðarprestakall í Fljótshlíð; Prestsþjónustubók Breiðabólsstaðarsóknar í Fljótshlíð, Eyvindarmúlasóknar og Teigasóknar 1836-1888. Manntal 1836.
35 S289 Brjánslækjarprestakall; Prestsþjónustubók Brjánslækjarsóknar og Hagasóknar 1897-1936
36 S292 Búfræðingurinn
37 S233 Bændablaðið
38 S13 California Death Records Index 1940-1997
39 S280 CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project
40 S91 Carscadden Funeral Home Website
41 S28 Clarke's Funeral Home Website
42 S194 Dagblaðið
43 S143 Dagblaðið Vísir - DV
44 S34 Dagur
45 S202 Dagur-Tíminn
46 S209 Digitalarkivet
47 S311 Eimreiðin
48 S38 Einherji
49 S284 Eyrarprestakall í Skutulsfirði; Prestsþjónustubók Eyrarsóknar í Skutulsfirði og Hólssóknar 1898-1909
50 S267 Fálkinn

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Genealogy has always been one of my main interests. When I was a teenager I was responsible for mowing the lawn of the local cemetery in the rural area where I grew up. I saw all the history that the headstones and crosses told, even in a small cemetery. And I also saw what time does to these same headstones and crosses, and how much history is lost in the process. This is the reason why I started this webpage. I wanted to make all this history accessible for as many people as possible, no matter where they are in the world. If you want to help me, please don't hesitate to contact me :-)

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